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Flavors of Yesterday

A gallery of our seasonal and discontinued flavors, so we can all reminisce on marshmallows past.

Apple Crisp Macchiato - September 2021

Inspired by the seasonal drink! Apple coffee flavored marshmallow, rolled in a mix of white sugar, brown sugar, and vanilla cookie crumbs

Pumpkin Pie - October 2021

Wait for it... it's a pumpkin flavored marshmallow on top of a tiny flaky pie crust, topped with pumpkin pie spice. You've never had a marshmallow quite like this!

Holiday Peppermint Bark - December 2021

Holiday Peppermint Bark is everything you want it to be. A vanilla mint marshmallow with white chocolate and candy canes.

White and Dark Chocolate Strawberry Marshmallow Hearts - February 2022

Our first chocolate covered marshmallows are absolutely divine! A dark or white chocolate shell hides freeze dried strawberries and our silky strawberry marshmallow. Decorated with white chocolate and crushed freeze dried strawberries.


Key Lime Pie - March 2022

A twist on an American classic, Key Lime Pie balances the sweetness of pie with the zing of lime. Our key lime flavored marshmallow is rolled in crushed graham cracker for an amazing tasting experience!