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Mudslide (Box of 9)
Mudslide (Box of 9)
Mudslide (Box of 9)

Mudslide (Box of 9)

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This marshmallow tastes EXACTLY like the drink called Mudslide. The Irish cream marshmallow blends perfectly with milk chocolate chips to create that Bailey's/Kahlúa experience. NOT made with real alcohol so these are kid safe.

  • Store in a cool and dry place within a sealed container or bag
  • Each marshmallow is approximately a 1.33" x 1.33" cube
  • Each box contains 9 yummy marshmallows


*The Mallow Story*

When I went away from home to go to college to become an elementary school teacher, there were two things that were different about me: I was 20 years old and I had almost 0 experience drinking alcohol. So, when I got to school, I was hanging out with people old enough to drink, but I had no idea what I liked to drink. When I went to TGI Fridays to visit a friend who bartended there, she knew me well enough to serve me my first ever Mudslide and it was SO delicious!

Bailey's Irish Cream (the base of a mudslide) is a difficult flavor to describe, but some would say it's  creamy, nutty, chocolate and vanilla (I copied and pasted that from Reddit). The Mudslide marshmallow IS an Irish Cream marshmallow. However, it is NOT a MUDSLIDE without lots and lots of milk chocolate. When I tell you this tastes just like the drink... IT TASTES JUST LIKE THE DRINK. And it's absolute perfection... without the alcohol.